WordPress Migration to different hosting

Planning to move your wordpress to another host or with PnS Hostings wordpress hosting service. Than you are at right place , nothing need to worry about migration. Here we will tell you step by step process of wordpress migration from a regular host.

Migration involve 3 Major steps

  1. Backup of wordpress database on existing host and transfer backup on PnS Hostings hosting account.
  2. Download all wordpress files from existing host server and upload them on PnS Hostings server.
  3. Finally restore your database backup and make necessary changes on wordpress config file.

Now let’s start with WordPress database backup on existing hosting account as almost all regular hosting provider offer phpmyadmin with their hosting services, so make use of phpmyadmin for database backup and export backed up database and move this backed up database file (it will .sql file) with the help of  scp or rsync or ftp client (depending upon which most suits for you)


In next step login into existing wordpress hosting account and download all wordpress files on your local computer, once you have finished all files download , then login into PnS Hostings wordpress hosting account via ftp client and start uploading all files to PnS account after completion of this upload move to next step.


Upon successful file transfer, you need to import your backed up database file on PnS wordpress account hope you know how to import database using phpmyadmin. After successful import of database you have to edit your wordpress configuration file according to your new database details. If all will be done properly, and after dns records update according to PnS server your wordpress should work fine on PnS servers.

Important : if you change domain name of your site than additional configuration may required.

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