How to prevent email delivery in spam.

1. Follow CAN Spam Act 2003.
If you are sending email in large number for purpose of marketing, advertisement, & for any commercial service. Than you must follow some email guidlines otherwise you may face the penulties of $16000(Can Spam Act.)

1. Never use deceptive headers, from-names, reply-tos, or subject lines.
2. Don’t use false or misleading header information.
3. Tell recipients where you’re located.
4. You must always provide an unsubscribe link.
5. The unsubscribe link must work for at least 30 days after sending.
6. Identify the message as an ad.

If your email contains transctional information then you are free from these rules but still do not use deceptive headers, from-names, reply-tos, or subject lines.

2. Avoid Spam keywords & Phishing Phrases in your email .
Do not use spam keywords or phishing phrases like : click here , free, lotery,
Unfortunatly there is no fix words in this catogery. you need to test your email campaign for spam score if it is high than a standard than kindly remove them keywords and replace them with appropriate one and again cross check for spam score.

3. Use Permission Marketing Techniques
Ask receiver of email to add your sending email id in there contact list.

4. Avoid Spam Traps
Check in your Email recever database should not contain any spam traps that means there should be no email id which belongs to any RBL,DNSSBL etc.

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